How can I get my data from previous Brave Browser If I sell my old laptop

Here is the use case that i want to put up.
So when I was using Chrome, it has one option of logging in using google account which will save all bookmarks, history, etc across whichever device I log in using that account.

Now If i sell my old laptop, i can just login using this account which still has that data and I don’t have to do anything.

How does this work in case of Brave Browser. Is there any such provision of accounts? In case of Brave Browser, person also will have earning so ideally he or she won’t want to lapse them or loose them if they are selling their device. So i am just curious to know.

Brave has sync which works exactly the way google account work. Data is encrypted and stored on brave servers. Brave rewards/bat cannot be synced, you will have to use uphold/gemini for that.

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