How are themes applied to Brave

I am coming to Brave from Firefox. Themes are easily migrated into FF and occupy the top of the browser page as you all probably known already. I have downloaded one theme using Brave but I do not see it or perhaps I don’t know how to install it properly. Any help is appreciated.

Installed themes can be viewed/changed here:

Note that not all “themed elements” will work in Brave – for example, if your theme features a new tab page image/background/change, Brave’s NTP will overwrite this (we’re working on our own NTP refactor right now to address issues such as this).

Mattches, thank you I will get right on it.

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Okay, I can now see the theme. The next question is, how do I apply it to Brave? Will it be anything like Firefox was in that it occupied the top of the browser page or not? Maybe I am still thinking too much Firefox since I used it for quite a few years.

Do you mean like this?

That is exactly what I mean. Please tell me how and thank you.

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Thank you for the tutorial. I am gonna give it a shot.

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I reset the theme to default, downloaded a theme and all I can get is it’s name below themes. It is not applied to the desktop, bummer. I must be doing something that Brave doesn’t like but I have no idea what.

Can you tell me which theme you’re trying to apply?

Theme’s name is Earth and Moon.


Thanks for helping me with themes. I finally tried other themes that did install and display correctly suggesting that the theme I originally wanted to use would not work.


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