Hotstar videos doesn't work smoothly

when I start hotstar the video gets stuck in between after several minutes,
_No I do not use mobile internet, I have 100MBPS internet.

I tried doing all the possible settings.
Now I have to just refresh the page or else I have to take the video forward and backward to play the video.


Are you using Ethernet or Wifi to the router? @snshaan3 I can’t test Hotstar specifically, but can test Disney+ here

Sorry for the late reply, I use Wifi on Home fiber broadband.

Try re-test but with ethernet. (also toggle the resolution in the video, see if this makes any difference)

Tried everything as you said, I have noticed that the Xiaomi TV shows pgm Added every time on the screen, when video is played from the Disney + Hotstar…

pgm Added Not sure what this is.