Hi! πŸ˜„ No adds yet after12h

hello everyone :smiley:
thanx for helpin me. i didnt receive any add from 8/5/2019 21h strat using brave. i live in morocco :morocco: Mama-Africa :earth_africa: :beach_umbrella:, is it for something (continent not yet) and how or when to make it run :partying_face: , tx again :gift: , see U :wave:

ps: not bad this app :lion: , i was on firefx :fox_face: , i was tired from trackers :wolf:


Thank you for reaching out! :slight_smile: :tada:
We’re very glad you’re enjoying Brave! As for your question, Ads are currently only available in US, Canada, UK, Germany and France. Brave Ads will roll out to other regions, including Latin America, later in the year.

Thank you for your patience and your support!

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