Group favorite websites

Brave is a great browser and its features are fantastic.
But when we come to the “New Tap” and in Favorites precisely, I wondered why we can’t group our favorite websites in folders. (Drag them onto each other), it would be an amazing feature to have.

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I would suggest that you change the post category to feature request, so that other users can vote on your proposal.


Hey, I’ve changed the category as @rodrige mentioned. I guess people can vote accordingly. I’ve voted, would love to see this feature!


  1. Try bookmarks manager to organize your favorite bookmarks, for this hold CTRL+SHIFT+O; Highlight urls in a folder, drag and drop in desired folder; or click on folder and drag it.

  2. Or click ‘Edit Bookmarks’ icon -on the left-side of address bar- to add favorite link, of open tab, to desired folder.

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