Google pages - gmail, maps, photos, etc pegs cpu at 100%

for the last few weeks I have not been able to use several google services (see title) due to them pegging the cpu at 100%. the task manager reveals it’s not the tab that suffers, but the whole browser.

I couldn’t find any other topics on this so either I missed it or I’m an outlier? I tried it with a private window with all extensions disabled except bitwarden (non-negotia

HW acceleration disabled? Ensure its enabled. Also test in private window with no extensions.

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I forgot to mention I did try this in a private window.

If you mean this Use graphics acceleration when available then yes, it’s enabled already.

it’s been so bad I’m actually using FIrefox for google sites. I thought it would be something that affected many and fixed soon, but now i"m worried it’s just me then. I also have the issue on multiple computers.