Github web not verified yet

Hello brave guys !!

I’ve been trying to get my personal page verified on github for over a month. I used the token usage system in .txt
But every time I give it to verify web it says that it cannot verify it.

my page is:

Hey @cainuriel ! Welcome to the community :smiley:

When did you first attempt to verify your github? I will say that it will verification status can take up to 72 hours to change if you did this on desktop and up to a week if on mobile.


I have tried many times. I have not changed devices. My github account is verified, what is not is my website on github, which is a different thing.
That is, my github account is verified that it is this:

But my page on github does not look like this:

What I suspect is that it cannot be done since the page is inside github, and therefore my account is already verified. If you want to contribute, you will have to go to my personal account on github. Can be?

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