Getting error while adding Channels

Continuously getting an error while adding channels through my creator account - # Error 500: Internal Server Error

Hi @offersera4u, is this still an issue?

Hello @steeven , I am having the same issue. I have tested in other account and it’s not happening.

What I’ve tried so far:

  • Remove unverified channels
  • Clear cache
  • Try different web browser
  • Disabling “Allow serve ads” options in all websites
  • Removing pending verification channels
  • Disconnecting my Gemini/Uphold account, in case this was the error
  • Tried different methods such as Twitter, or GitHub

I would really like to add new channels to my account. Hope this can help to fix the issue.

Have you tried linking a new creator account to the same Uphold/Gemini?

In case it helps someone,

It seems that after trying the methods above and patiently waiting a few days it is working again!

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