“Forget me when I close a site” absent from brave://settings/shields

Also: “Forget me when I close this site” is absent from the contextual Shields menu.

I was expecting these options since approximately version 1.53 or at least 1.54, based on this Brave blog post.

On another machine, with the same version of Brave (1.61.101) on the same version of Linux (Linux Mint 21.2), these settings are present!

The forgetful browsing settings must be dependent on some other setting(s), but I’ve gone through all the pages and I can’t find anything relevant.

What could it be?

There has been at least one other post about this issue (same but on Windows) but it wasn’t resolved and is now closed. This is why I also added the “Windows” tag here.

[Edit] After posting the above I suddenly remembered the “Experimental” settings, i.e. brave://flags, where I searched for just the word “forget” and found: #brave-forget-first-party-storage. It was set to “Default (disabled)”. I changed it to “Enabled”, re-launched the browser and now the expected setting is present in brave://settings/shields and in the contextual Shield menu.

For the record: On the machine where the forgetful browsing settings had been present without any intervention, the #brave-forget-first-party-storage value is “Default (Enabled)”. That difference between the two machines is still unexplained.

@yellowfinch I cannot see “forget me” on a Linux Mint distro with Brave 1.61.109. But it is present on Android Brave app settings.

So is this feature experimental on Linux only? If it is experimental, could toggling it on cause privacy issues ever?

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