Fingerprinting Protection

I found several entires on this site describing the fingerprint prevention built into Brave. I am curious whether it is possible to get more specifics about how it works. Is the source code available?

Fingerprint protection in Brave is extremely important. I would like to know more about the randomization it uses and whether the concept is likely going to be defeated in the foreseeable future.

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This may help to detail fingerprinting



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Thank you for directing me to the Brave git repository. Please bear with me a bit if you can stand it. I have worked with git a little and also with other forms of version control systems, but not enough.

I am posting a few observations and hoping you can provide a very quick sanity check, and also hopefully, my understanding is sane.

The nightly build version of Brave Browser appears to be produced exclusively from the brave-core repository. Also appears the nightly version is released usually once per day, often twice per day, but Christmas day was skipped.

Looks like I should be able to build my own copy of the Brave browser nightly release, that would be an exact match with official releases. In doing so, I could (or would have to) have a copy of all the source code on my computer. That is unbelievably awesome to me.

Ummmm, I thought of something I might be missing. I run macOS. C++ is Micro$ technology. Either Bill Gates/Microsoft have reinvented themselves since I last spent time inside Windows-based systems, or working with C++ on macOS is going to be forcing a pig to fly. Based on the similarity between Bill Gates proselytizing Windows 1995-2000 and Bill Gates proselytizing vaccines 2010-present, and cross-checked with the world of Windows Subsytem for Linux, I foresee agony building Brave Browser on macOS.

I highly recommend reading this guide before you try to compile the source code yourself.
Good luck! :crossed_fingers:

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Thank you for helping me get focused on how to build Brave on macOS.

Main question pending in this thread is whether a process like the one described above (Fingerprinting Protection) could defeat fingerprint protection.

C++ was created at Bell Labs. You might be thinking of C#, which was was created at Microsoft, mainly by the creator of the Turbo Pascal compiler, after Sun forced Microsoft to stop making their own version of Java with proprietary extensions.

Thank you for the correction and for the history lesson.

I think you are 100% correct, I was conflating C++ and C# as if they are one and the same.

I think this means C++ on macOS is not the agony-generator I was imagining.

Is C++ on macOS terrible?
C++ Development on macOS is terrible. But Iā€™m not experienced enough to understand: Why?
Apple was really late when it comes to updating the XCode toolchain to C++17ā€¦(read more)

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