Feb 7ths rewards havent' showed up in my uphold yet

I haven’t got my Feb. 7th rewards. 5 days after still no rewards…the notfication saying I have bat coming is no longer there and never got my rewards.


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Same. I’m going to give it till the end of the month and if I don’t get anything I’m done with Brave. This was a gigantic waste of time swapping from chrome.

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Same for me …
I received January’s payment but nothing for February

As has been stated by Users and Staff regularly, that is only the day that the payout begins. It doesn’t say you will receive payment on the 7th/8th. I’ve even addressed that in a FAQ that Brave has pinned to Rewards, which you may want to check at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

Payments are sent out by Brave around the 8th of each month. Unfortunately, not everyone will receive it or have it available exactly on the 8th. It usually takes between 7-14 days for the majority of users to receive payments. You can see payment status listed under Help Center and Resources or you can see it at the top of the page at https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/

If those resources show payments complete, then you should contact staff via DM with your Wallet ID and detailed information about how you have not yet received payment. See more details under Why haven't I received my payout

Just to note, Uphold payments are still processing. Gemini should be done and Users will see that shortly after the weekend if they don’t already see it. Users with no verified wallets should be able to claim those within their browser now.

And standard procedure IF payments are complete and appear not to have arrived in your account is:

Unfortunately the only ones who can help you with this will be the Brave support team so they can investigate. @steeven and @Mattches will need you to DM them (DM only, don’t post on the forum)

  • Copy/paste your Wallet ID (found on brave://rewards-internals )
  • Your OS and Brave version (first three lines in brave://version )
  • A screenshot of your Rewards panel in Settings --> Brave Rewards .

Sometimes delays are issues on Brave, but it can also be due to maintenance or other issues at Uphold, Gemini, or some other place between.

And just FYI. My banner had disappeared like 3 days ago. I just received my payment today. If you do take time to read that FAQ in the entirety, it might help you to learn how things work. It’s not like they are just sending BAT. They are sending vBAT, which is then being sent to Uphold/Gemini, who then convert it to BAT, which then is placed into our wallets there.

Obviously before made available to us, they are verifying things on their end to make sure transactions come through completely and they are abiding by laws and regulations. It’s not like sending an email or something where you push a button and it just hops a couple servers and immediately arrives for you to see.

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Are they still processing Jan transactions? I never received those as well?

@Destonomos Nah, January should have paid out. They did have a LOT of issues with Uphold, Gemini, AND Brave servers having issues and being taken down for maintenance. They had just sent out a bunch of payments and thought they were caught up, but asked Users to send info to them if payments were still missing.

For that, you’ll want/need to send messages (Direct Message) to @steeven and @Mattches explaining that you haven’t received January payment yet. Make sure you provide your Wallet Info from brave://rewards-internals and they’ll look into it. Sending a message creates a service ticket for you, which they work on in order.

They can get hundreds (sometimes over 1,000) messages/tags per day. So unless you get lucky, be advised it may take a week or two for them to see your DM and then anywhere from a couple hours up to a couple weeks to investigate and resolve it. It won’t hurt to follow-up if you don’t hear from them every like 10-14 days, but I wouldn’t go crazy tagging or messaging any more often than that or it likely will just delay things more.

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