Estimated earnings show as 0

First of all, good day everyone.
Brave is open for about 8-12 hours almost every day. However, both the incoming rewards have decreased and the estimated earnings are currently 0. Is there anything I can do for this or is there something I should know?

Well, we just started a new month, so earnings would have dropped to 0 while your prior estimated earnings would be pending in the background and readying for payout which begins by the 8th of each month.

Not sure how active you were yesterday and how many ads in your area. But until it crosses a certain threshold, it’s going to show 0 and then it eventually will show a range. I also want to stress that Brave just being open isn’t a trigger to get a bunch of ads. If you’re not using it but instead just have it open and sitting there, it’s not going to push out much. I’m not sure if your 8-12 is you actually using it for work or something, or if you just meant you have it on and open but just sitting there.

Let me first clarify this. Earlier, the monthly average from Brave was between 0.6-1 bat. It has recently dropped to an average of 0.2-0.3 (Note: I’m also using brave as a browser on the phone at the same time)
As you said, I don’t just leave Brave open, I watch videos, listen to music, look at things from google. In short, I am actively using it.

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