Error: Region not supported Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards cannot be verified because your region is not supported for Brave Rewards verification at this time

Hello, I am from Romania, which is a country supported in the Transparency data feed and whenever I try to connect with Gemini I get this error: Error: Region not supported
Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards cannot be verified because your region is not supported for Brave Rewards verification at this time.

Please help!



What’s available for the moment. The list can change; Always check the latest news.


How do they accept Romania on Uphold if I can’t make an account on uphold on Romania???

Romania is on Uphold’s non-supported jurisdictions for new accounts. Is this the first time you are trying to connect?

Also, has this information posted:

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Yeah its the first time, so basically I can’t make an account on Uphold??

Sorry, I’m using Uphold from Argentina right now, no problems… Is my country supported or not?

Same with Gemini.

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@rares305 If your account with Uphold is not verified, then you will not be able to connect. If it is verifed, but Uphold restricted or cancelled your account, you should have been notified via email. If your account is already verified by Uphold and you haven’t received an email, you should contact Uphold support and ask them to update you on the status of your account.

It looks like Gemini still supports Romania. You may want to use Gemini as an alternative for your custodial provider.

Why Poland is kick off from Gemini? All time ok but yesterday i reinstall all in my comp and now i have not supported region for brave rewards? Maybe add option earn to Binance.

Ai rezolvat ceva? DId you resolved somehow? Daca nu sterg dracu brave si trec pe alt browser ca mam saturat. I will delete my brave browser because i am feed up with their sht

unfortunately, your brave rewards cannot be verified because your region is not supported for brave rewards verification at this time it is showing to upload verification

I have the same problem and I’m from Romania also.

The only difference is that i’ve spent the last 9-10 months accumulating rewards without a problem (around 20 BAT) in my gemini wallet until I claimed my last reward today.

Since doing that, my balance have been deleted (I now have 0 BAT), and I’m no longer able to connect.

Anyone Brave enough to tell me where my money is?

I’ve used brave rewards for quite a while, then suddenly one day I stopped earning bats and today I couldn’t connect my uphold account.

If you are in an unsupported region for custodial connections and are still trying to connect, please just disconnect from your custodial account and your Rewards wallet will return to an unverified state. Your vBAT from earnings will roll into your unverified Rewards balance. It may take a while after disconnecting for your unverified Rewards balance to reset and update. Give it some time.

For anyone whose unverified Rewards balance did not update after disconnecting from a restricted custodial account, please submit a request to support using the form linked below.

Although this is true-

After disconnecting, users will see their vBAT balance.

But as per this-, rewards can continue to be deposited to Uphold/Gemini if you are verified but not disconnected and just automatically logged out due to regional restrictions. Wallet status on brave://rewards-internals/ will show Disconnected (verified) in this case.

Although eventually browser will be disconnected and Wallet status will change to Disconnected (Not verified) then rewards will stay in the browser as vBAT.

Personally, I would recommend not to disconnect manually and let rewards get deposited to Uphold/Gemini until browser is disconnected automatically.

@Aman_M Thanks for the additional information. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think the community members posting in this topic have already been disconnected and are receiving the message. I think (not verified information) these users accounts may eventually get flagged if they keep trying to connect. If they are flagged, they will not receive payouts whether they are verified or unverified. If they are still trying to connect and have not received their payouts, they should not try to reverify their account and wait a while to see if they receive their “missing” payouts. If not, submit the form requesting support take a closer look. :slightly_smiling_face:

I interpreted this differently than you. Can we discuss this in a separate topic? I don’t want to go too far off topic! And if we still aren’t on the same page, maybe support can clarify the situation for us! :smiley:

I think we can. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve got the same issue here. I’ve changed my phone from LG to Samsung and tried to relink my uphold account but I get this error message as well. And I’m in Switzerland. Any ideas?

What, Canada and US is removed from the list on Uphold ???


That was the list of supported regions 2 months ago.

There is an update at

a mi me dice que deja verificar me dice que la region no admitida. Les paso?