Error 500: Internal Server Error 2024/06

Is there any problem with Brave Creators servers. I haven’t been able to log in for several days. Please provide information and possible solution to the problem.

@Pepcio are you still having this as an issue or has it since resolved?

If still happening, can you try to open in a private window and see if it works?

I am having the same issue on all updated browsers Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge.

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@SoaringMoon interesting. I just went to it and able to login and access everything.

That said, I’ll tag in @SaltyBanana and @steeven so they might be able to look into things. Though also might suggest you create a Creators Support Ticket at just in case it’s able to get to appropriate staff earlier and they can try to investigate.

Also want to ask are you using a proxy or vpn by chance? If so, try without it and see if any difference.

Just tried again, still failing.
Nope, neither. I turned of extensions as well. That didn’t help.

However, I don’t know how an issue on my end would resolve an “Internal Server Error”.
It could be the data being sent to the server from me, but I don’t think that’s likely.

Thanks for flagging, taking a look!

Hi @SoaringMoon

Thank you for sharing. We’re looking into this matter.
Could you kindly submit a ticket to our Support form that @Saoiray has shared above of your issue. From there we can investigate further.