Email verification for this site filtered to Junk

I’m new to Brave and had some questions. I clicked on support and ended up directed to this forum. When I registered the verification with a link was filtered to junk. Kind of a leap of faith clicking the link on junk mail to register for this forum. Brave might want to fix this if they want more users.

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You’re saying that verification for this form was sent to your spam inbox? Most users do not see this so it may be a setting specific to your email client.

happened to me too, just joined a few days ago. gmail.

Good to know. It must be Google messing with a competitor. I also use gmail.

Thanks. I use gmail so maybe that has something to do with it.
The text was “Welcome to Brave Community!” and then directions to follow the link. The absence of “the” made me suspicious, but I guess it is correct either way.

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Thanks again all for letting us know. We will take a look and ensure that there is nothing on our end causing these emails to land in spam. Closing this thread for now.