Dragging links from folder to browser

Please let us drag links onto open pages and recycle those windows!

I’m quite used to dragging links from folders, or my desktop, to an open page and having that page load the site and NOT open a new window. To do this in Brave, I have to drag the link aalllll the way uupppp to the tab bar to recycle the window. The way it is now, if I forget I end up with dozens of (mostly useless) open tabs.



@RASelkirk ,
To clarify – when you say

Did you mean to say not a new tab? Because that is the behavior you should be seeing. If I drag a link anywhere on an already page, the browser will open a new tab with the dragged link in it.

Tab / window… I want to reuse the open tab / window when a link is dropped anywhere on it, it being the entire browser page, not just the little tab / title / thingy at the top. This is the first browser I’ve ever used that has this behavior, all others it never mattered that one needed to drop the link exclusively on the little rectangular tab at the top.

Try this. Drag a link to the little rectangle tab (contains page title) at the top of the browser and it opens in that window. Now drop a link anywhere on the open window, excluding the tab, and it opens in a new tab / window.