Download fails more over No download pause or resume download option

When i switch to another application while i have put something on download on brave . It fails . i have to redownload it . File itself disappears after “ download failed “ error . We pause download like in safari or redownload option so we donot have to visit the website for redownload .

I’m in the same boat. I cannot download / upload files with brave

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Yes, I’d like to report that I am unable to download files now, suddenly. Click link of file, and nothing happens at all, and no errors shown?

Same as @chook

I just saw that Brave is downloading and saving the file hidden, with a name like


It doesn’t seem to complete, or change to the actual file name

Found the error for me. I had to go to Mac Security settings and allow Brave to access my Documents folder, where I’m saving my downloads

Hello @stewwest, thank you for posting on how you resolved this. If you have any other issues, please let us know and we will be more than happy to help you. Regards.

My downloads disappear when i pause them, this js annoying

when ever i download file in some reasons i have to resume it and close brave but after this i cant able to close brave after closing brave my download is gone

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