Download error when trying to download image in Brave mobile for Android

When trying to download an image, after long-press, an error comes up and the image is not downloaded. I have never had this problem before. It is not a connection issue. 7/19/21.

  1. Is fhis happens on any website? Or only a specific site?
  2. What happened if you tried to download an image from search image (brave search/duckduckgo/google search image)?
  3. Did you try to download it to default folder or SD card (Settings → Download)?
  4. What is your Brave version?
  5. Screenshot (of the message) and or short recording of the issues may help too

Brave Version 1.28.88. The problem is with the Brave browser, I opened up the Google browser, went to the same site and bingo, download successful. I have troubleshooted all settings in Brave and the Android platform and no settings have been changed. This problem has been going on now for 2 weeks, and I do not download images often, from my Galaxy S10.
I have not changed any settings on the Android or phone. I have been able to do downloads from Brave in the past, but not now. Very confusing why this problem all of sudden has happened. All roads lead back to Brave, hence me posting the problem here. Maybe someone knows what the problem is or an update to Brave has changed the downloading process.

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