How can I download and run previous versions of brave?

Is there any way to run previous versions of brave?
I know that there is a site GitHub but I am not sure where I can get v1.7.98 for windows.

You can, but I would highly highly highly recommend not doing that – updates include very important security updates that protect you while browsing. Using outdated versions of Brave leave you vulnerable to attack/security flaws in the underlying code.

Can I ask why you’re interested in running this version of the browser?

@Mattches ,
yeah, I am aware of that, but still, if someone is comfortable with a specific style of the version or any other reason.
though I am not gonna run that version forever.
so if you could tell me how?
then it would be great.

I guess I’m just confused as to what that version of Brave has that we don’t currently have (or have improved) in the most recent. If there’s some confusion or you’re unable to find/access something I may be able to assist you.