Disable Pull-down-refresh

Please add a toggle to disable the pull-down-refresh.
Reason: It is annoying, pages keeps refreshing whenever I swipe down

More than just annoying. I just lost a large post to Reddit because the page reloaded.

YES PLEASE It is way beyond annoying. At least an option to turn it off.

Been a while since I used Android. Are you sure there’s no setting for that anywhere? I’m wanting to say I had it disabled long ago on my Samsung Galaxy S9.

In any case, I do know it’s an option on iPhone, as you can see in the screenshot below. So if it’s not on Android, might be something to come here for the future

Yes! Upvoted. It happened to me too many many times, cumulatively lost literally hours of work. I’m just thinking a better solution would be a delay. Like you have to already be at the top of the page for a second or half for refresh on next pull-down. Better yet, have a Refresh on Pull-down Behaviour setting as a select input with the options being Disabled, Delayed, Single pull-down, Double pull-down.

@Saoiray no setting on Android