Default Cookie Exceptions (Brave Android) 3rd party cookies

I was setting up brave for the first time on my device and was tweaking settings to maximize privacy. The issue that I ran into is upon checking site settings I noticed third-party cookies were disabled by default (exactly what I wanted) but for some reason there were two exceptions.

The two exceptions were as follows:


Given that both of these are in some way analytics/Google related I am a bit concerned. Even restoring the app to defaults left these by default as allowed exceptions. Is this already a known issue? I could not find it anywhere, please feel free to close if it is.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Fresh install brave android
  2. Go to settings > site settings > cookies > should be there under allowed.

Third-party cookies off by default, no exceptions present on clean install

Brave Version( check 1.15.76):

Oneplus 7 pro

Additional Information: I just want to know if I’m missing something or why this may be a default setting within brave. I’m just concerned and could not find any form posts about this issue.**

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