Decrypt ldb files

Hello. I have a handful of ldb files which are encrypted but appear to have some very useful information that I am looking to obtain. I know the passwords that I have always used and have also seen pieces of these files decrypted in various places like Metamask support.

Is there anyway I can decrypt the entire ldb files that Brave has stored on my computer?

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Hello, @jkiernan1986. Can you tell me a bit more about the problem? Is the file encrypted, or are you referring to the compressed contents? Which ldb file are you referring to? Are these files on your machine, or were they recovered from another machine?

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@sampson Thank you so much for responding. The files appear to be encrypted. I am referring to an ldb file from my machine that contains information related to a metamask wallet I had on my machine. Metamask is not able to support me any further beyond what they have done, and I still need help. They helped me decrypt a very small piece of the file, which unfortunately wasn’t enough.

I can see that there is valuable information within the entire file, but I am not sure how to go about decrypting this file so I can obtain said information. So being that metamask has helped me decrypt a small portion of this file, I have to imagine that this is possible for the entire file.

Any help is tremendously appreciated.

Can you elaborate on the encryption aspect, please? Is the file itself encrypted, or are various portions of the file encrypted (while others are visible with a HEX editor)? Are you positive the encrypted parts are actually encrypted, and not examples of Snappy compression?

What did the MetaMask team do to assist you? Have you searched for any other resources online to help (if so, what did you find)?. I’ve done a bit of brief searching and came across a few resources that might be of some assistance. Consider this 2015 walkthrough on Recovering Deleted Data from LevelDB.

Maybe I am assuming they are encrypted, but I am assuming so because of this verbiage from Brave: “Brave is one hundred percent privacy-focused. Since this is an encrypted web browser , it secures your browsing history, upgrades to HTTPS automatically, and even blocks third-party cookies in addition to blocking ads.”

The file I am looking at appears to be much of my history, so I am doing some simple math to come up with my assumption that this is an encrypted file.

Also, here is a small piece of the file, maybe you can tell more than I can if in fact it is encrypted: πstΩJÒf.eπb3111304:VExæ aByfˆ"%6>ÇÅÄ406æaRK:ºgolem@w«1ó":<6Ñ5æç(-global.web&(-º!Q`/60005e3965a10f31d245af87p82d75494ede1e53e9f098_GNT_Sub*+_PosiÈ2,_RGB_32_fullfT09A≥:TG‹ 0F˘Jö.!2*+Ûb¯43244956’a - Ga Searc2&eFfi.x5ks/c•. /pup_baseÜs31612916X 6” |x∆ Revenu¿∆ >?jee>…,•√b;108756:≤ÖÒDJeep¬Æ Wrangler 4x!OlIconic SUV With Plug-In ElecÄ2>°la4diN2e©5lâï-exp1.liÅó_tsc/h/1bt1uwq5akv756knzdj4l6cdcVV

I will go over what you mention in the 2nd part of your last message.

To answer those questions. Metamask has been very robotic with their responses. They told me to take a specific piece of the file, and to utilize the “vault decryptor

Their tech has a bug, because I am certain that I never created another wallet, but this file is giving me access to a wallet I have never used. Throughout the majority of the file, I can see tokens, websites, and all sorts of words that would suggest this is my history for the past 6 months. But other than the vault decryptor, they have essentially said it is not their issue.

But your last point about recovering deleted data is not something I have found, thank you for that. I have researched this extensively and I am not the only one having this issue.

Also, there have been a handful of people who have tried the same thing I am, and have contacted Brave support seeking to decrypt their ldb files

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