CTRL SHIFT TAB no longer moves to prior tab

As of now, when I press CTRL SHIFT TAB, it no longer moves to the previous tab. CTRL TAB still worked advancing to the next tab. But the command go back to the tab to the left no longer works.

Anyone else experiencing this too?

@stevelerro have you checked your shortcuts settings? SettingsSystemShortcuts or type in brave://settings/system/shortcuts

I just tested on my PC and Ctrl + Shift + Tab did work as intended, cycling backwards on open tabs. I’m wondering if you somehow changed something in Brave’s settings or if maybe you have an extension or other program that’s stealing the priority?

According to my shortcuts list, it’s still listed as CTRL SHIFT TAB, and CTRL PG UP

@stevelerro then it should be working. If not, then it seems you have something else competing with it.

Is it not working regardless of which site you’re on? I’m asking as sometimes sites can have their own shortcuts and the browser might prioritize that instead of the browser’s shortcut, especially if it sees you active in its content.

Beyond that, do you have any extension’s installed? I’m wondering if they might be interfering. An easy way to test this is to open in a private window and see if things work

It doesn’t work no matter which site I am on. I tried Chrome and Firefox, and they both have the same issue. This just started last night. CTRL TAB works, just not CTRL SHIFT TAB. The only extensions I have are for AdBlocking, and even with them turned off, the CTRL SHIFT TAB doesn’t work. I’m confused how it stopped working on all the browsers.

Makes it seem like either a button on your keyboard isn’t working or you have something else trying to use that keybind.