CSS Code Is Not Work Brave Desktop

I’m creating a website with HTML and CSS in VS Code and I can’t render (run) the CSS in Brave Desktop, that is, the entire website style (code) doesn’t load, just the HTML. This problem is only on Brave Desktop, in other browsers the CSS loads normally. I pressed the F12 key and I see that there are the following errors in the attached image. I also noticed that Brave did not load the images inserted in the HTML code. So it’s clear that the browser has a serious problem. However, when the website is published on the internet, Brave loads normally without errors, the problem is only with the internal rendering (loading).


Not blocked from that screen shot, indicating it can’t find the file

Hi sir,
Exactly, but this is not the error, because the image as well as the <link href...> are addressed correctly, especially because other browsers load normally. That’s not the problem. It could probably be a problem specific to Brave, it is probably not seeing or viewing the CSS link <link href=""..> on the index.html page nor the images, but this is not a question of the wrong address, but rather some Brave bug.