Creator Content Question

I was looking through the forum and I can’t seem to find a post about how creator photos end up on the Brave dashboard.

As well, I was wondering how one tips someone via a Twitter account vs a Youtube account?

If I missed this info somewhere in the forum, I would appreciate directions to the thread.

If the thread doesn’t exist, could you elaborate?

Did you mean when you open a new tab page? See

Can you elaborate more? As I’m not entirely sure about this question. :sweat_smile:

But maybe this can help

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The photo submission link was super helpful.

Unfortunately, it seems that Twitter isn’t a very good account to link as the overwhelming majority of users operate it in app and not in a browser

Mobile = maybe yes. But (I believe most) desktop users still accessing Twitter via browser. And Twitter tipping is only available for desktop.

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Well, I guess we’ll find out how by how much traffic I can get with my photography lol

I feel like more people just keep their phone handy instead of having a redundant browser screen open, but I could very well be wrong.

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