Coinbase to Brave Rewards Transfer

I completed the Coinbase training earning $10 worth of BAT which I then attempted to transfer to my Brave Rewards wallet. The transaction shows successful on Coinbase but nothing has appeared in my Rewards Wallet. What’s the issue?

@mknopp83 it may take a while before it’s reflected on your Rewards wallet. Let me know if it’s still not shown after 24hours.

Ok. It’s been a few days ago.

The transfer from is still not showing in my BAT wallet

cc @Mattches @LaurenWags @gsarvadnya for additional assistance here.

Just want to make sure, can you see if your browser wallet address is still same @mknopp83?

No my Brave browser wallet address is now different than when I made the transfer 3 days ago.


But you’re using the same browser on the same machine as when the wallet was initially created?

Yep. I haven’t changed anything

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