Closing browser tabs in the corner by scroll wheel

Hello, after the last update, the Brave browser tabs’ appearance has changed. As a result, I can no longer close them by scroll wheel, as I used to quickly do in the corner. Is there any chance to revert their appearance to how it used to be? Video below i cant add here

I’ll immediately mention that I prefer clicking in the corner because sometimes I need to quickly close a tab, so I move the cursor to the corner of the screen because it’s easier.

@Rahy I had the same issue and just found the solution:
1- Go to brave://flags
2- Disable “Use rounded corners on main content areas”
3- Disable “Updated horizontal tabs design”
4- Relaunch Brave

Love u thanks
i just disabled only horizontal tabs design
dont need to “Use rounded corners on main content areas”

If u know some another options for brave for better performance brave i will be grateful

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