Cleaning history entries

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Description of the issue:
When cleaning the history, Brave just erases the history titles but not the history entries.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to some random pages in order to create an history with some titles.

  2. Press the three dots menu > History and then press the trash icon in order to clean the history.

  3. Keep the back button pressed until you see the history entries, its all still there.

Expected result:
When cleaning the history through the three dots menu > History, Brave should clean all history entries instead of cleaning just the titles.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.32.3 (

Mobile Device details
iPhone 7
iOS 15.1

Additional Information:

I’m not seeing this behavior on my end. Clearing history works without issue. Can you try clearing history, then closing/restarting the browser application and tell me if this makes any difference?

Yes, I’m experiencing the same behavior when cleaning the history and then restarting the browser. I really don’t know what’s going on here (since you’re not seeing this behavior on your end).

Another way to see this behavior is, after cleaning the history, swiping left to right, the second page in history will be opened.

The only way to effectively clear the history entries is through the Settings > Brave Shields and Privacy.


To confirm, clearing browsing data this way does work as intended?


Yes, it does work as intended.

I’ve reached out to the iOS team for more information here because I think those two options should do the same thing. Appreciate your patience.

Ok! Yes, they should execute the same history cleaning routine.


So they do – what you’re seeing when you hold the “back” button is the backward-foward list for the tab you’re currently on. This list is not cleared when using the trash icon and is only cleared when clearing browsing data (Settings --> Privacy --> Clear browsing data).

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