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Hello, I went through all the community chats mostly from the year 2018. I`ve learned, that this solving capcha bag was fixed in earlier updates. Now is the year 2020, I got the newest version of Brave browser, and spent hours trying to claim my rewards, but there is no way to pass the capcha! I have couple of months of rewards to claim…Its so frustrating…PLEASE HELP SOMEONE!
Thank you


Hello, i have the same problem. The captcha makes it impossible to claim rewards. I recorded my screen:


I thought it was fixed 2 years ago…seem like the developers don`t care…Is it such big deal to swap to another captcha wich does not make trouble to users??

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Same problem for me.

Is there no one in the community who ever solved this problem?

Please continue the discussion here Cannot seem to prove that I am human!