Change username

I would like to change my username. The instructions at How can I change my username here at the community? don’t work for me because there’s no pencil to edit it to the right of my username. I noticed that other users had the same problem. Has this been solved?

You cannot change your username, from the one you created.

It is a discourse thing (the tech on which this particular forum runs).

You will need to create a new account with the username you want.

That’s not good. Yeah Yeah, I’m an idiot for doing this, I use the same username on a ton of sites. It’s been compromised. I get my password hasn’t been but the B***ards are 1/2 way there. There should be a user name that only I use and a name that everyone sees

@Mattches, he may be able to change it from his side.

If anyone wants to change their Username, please DM me directly and I can assist you with this.