How can I change my username here at the community?


Hey folks, I did not want to create a topic, but I couldn’t find an answer, so… How can I change my username here at the community?

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No problem, glad you asked!
For future reference, you’re always welcome to message me directly with a question or concern if it doesn’t fit into a category (or if you’re unsure which category it should be in).

That said, to change your name on Community:

  1. Click on your avatar on the top-right hand side of the site
  2. In the drop-down menu, select your user name to view your profile page:
  3. Select Preferences and use the pencil icon to edit your user name. You can also enter your real name here if you should want to:

Let me know if you need any further assistance.


Thanks, you are really helpful!
Now, as for the username, I don’t have a pencil…


My pleasure!
Strange about the pencil icon. You may need to be a certain type of user (or certain trust level) in order to do that. What would you like to change it to? I’d be happy to change it for you on my end.


Yeah I was wondering about this myself. I don’t see a pencil either…Maybe there’s a setting in control panel for staff that can be changed to allow all users (no matter their trust level) to change own usernames?


Thanks so much! “leobraveforum” should be fine, or “leobravecommunity”, :slight_smile:


Done! May take a few moments to reflect across the site :slight_smile:

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