Change fonts in the website

Hello, I have a request to add a feature to target custom font-type-face in the website and change thei’re type-face to another, it would look beautiful. Like if the page has some content in Sans-serif then it should be changed to another font?

I have checked brave://settings/fonts but it did not change anything!
I also searched before posting, but I did not find anything useful :slightly_frowning_face:


Why no help from the community? Already it’s been 8 hours… Help!

Maybe because this is a request and not a problem, one that I particularly don’t find necessary, sorry :neutral_face:

But I like different fonts, not boring sans-serif or Roboto.

Sorry for writing in caps.

Sorry dude, but I’ve never tried to changes the fonts.

In brave://settings/fonts you can customize the fonts have you tried that? Also you could search in the chrome web store maybe you can find something that helps you get what you want

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