Carplay extension crashes unless browser open on phone

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Description of the issue:

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Connect to CarPlay
  2. Close app on phone
  3. Brave on CarPlay crashes

Expected result:

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Mobile Device details
Latest iOS
Additional Information:
Latest build/version of Brave Mobile for iOS

Thank you for reaching out to us.
Can you confirm for me that you have Background play enabled in Brave? You’ll find this in Brave by going to Menu --> Settings --> Media.

Additionally, to clarify, you state that you “close the app” — by this I’m assuming you mean you minimize the app (for example, going to the home screen or opening another app), is that correct? Also, are you saying that the browser crashes entirely? Or is it just that the audio stops playing?

Yes, background media is enabled.

To clarify, the only way I can open brave on CarPlay is if the app is literally active/open on the phone itself. If the phone screen changes/goes idle (which is usually always while using CarPlay), both the CarPlay extension crashes and the iPhone app too

I’ve seen a lot of others report the same issue but those were dated last year

Also, it’s my understanding that I shouldn’t have to open the app on the phone to use the CarPlay extension. I tried that based on some other users reports

It looks like this crash was known and fixed — should ship in v1.68: