Can't download file greater than 4GB

So I got screwed over with a phone plan and have to resort to downloading large files directly on the phone instead of using mobile hotspot. I’m downloading a 5.19 GB .safetensor file and the download seems to be getting caught up around 4 GB before saying it failed. What do I do?
edit: the plan limits the hotspot connection to 5GB so it straight up refuses to download this file on the normal computer using that internet connection.

Not sure what you’re asking here? Sounds like you’re just saying you’re trying to use more data than you’re paying for and your download is being aborted because you don’t have enough data to complete it. If that’s what your issue is about, not sure anyone here can offer you any help. About the only advice is to go to a business with free wi-fi, if there is one where you live, and to use that to download.

If you’re saying something else, could you try to rephrase to help me understand so I can better try to assist?

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No, I’m downloading from Brave browser android application. I have the data to do it on the phone, but don’t have a method to do it any other way (via tethering), the plan is unlimited.
I attempted several times and only this time I caught that it stopped exactly at 4 GB for some reason.