Downloading problem for large files

I recently experienced bug when I download large files in Brave browser, download doesn’t start properly, it stucks and even notification of downloading is not appearing. When personally pause and again start download in downloads section, it sometimes start but mostly issue remains the same.

I also reinstalled Brave from Play Store and tried every common thing I can do.

Please fix this ASAP. Because most users depends on browser mostly for downloading files.

Running latest Brave version 1.31.91
Android 11 ; SM-A217F

Edit : I also experienced this issue in Chrome on Android. Please tell me how can I fix this. I think it’s some error in my phone so every Chromium browser experiencing this error and Firefox doesn’t.

How big? Above 4GB? If so then that’s a limitation of the FAT32 filesystem and there’s nothing you can do. If you’re attempting to download to an SD card formatted with FAT32 then switch the download directory to internal storage. You’ll have to format the SD card to NTFS or ex-FAT. Move all the data somewhere before you format or you’ll lose it all.

If that’s not what you’re doing, then it’s probably something else. I don’t know if Android itself still has a 4GB filesize limit on downloads. It definitely used to, because I ran into it all the time on my S8+ back when I had that.

Not so big. Even somewhat bigger like 1 GB. And I download in Internal Storage which is compatible. This issue isn’t there with Firefox or download managers like ADM.

I don’t have that issue. I’m not sure what’s wrong. Perhaps check your phone’s download manager to make sure it isn’t disabled or something.

Now working fine. Thanks. It was some unknown bug.

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