Can't Connect Gemini Account to Rewards

Hello, I can’t successfully connect by browser to my Gemini account I perpetually receive the same error message.

I’m using Catalina 10.15.7 and Brave Browser 1.34.80

Please help!


I can’t either even though my gemini is verified.

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Same here. Tried on both Windows and MacOS.

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Its on maintaince, they wrote on reddit.


how long is the maintenance? lol because i just tried re-connecting mines after a reinstall and getting the same error

Do not know, they wrote nothing about that

Same problem happening here.

Just wanted to notify everybody that verifying your wallet with Gemini is currently down for maintenance, so you may see an error when trying to verify your Brave Rewards with Gemini. We aim to have it back up as soon as possible in the coming day(s)!

Uphold and bitFlyer are still up in the meantime!

Thank you for your patience!