Can't access account to cancel subscription

I can’t access the email address I used to create a Brave Talk subscription and I want to cancel the subscription. I still get the bill and the money is coming out. I was able to update the email address the bill is sent to but I can’t access the account itself to cancel the subscription. I’d email support but everything just points to the forums. Is there a way to sort this out without asking the bank to block payments to brave?
I haven’t used the service in months - maybe a year now, so it’s high time I canceled it.

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I’ve sent you a DM with further instructions.

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Hey Mattches, I’m trying to cancel my account, but I have access to my account. I am not sure if I delete my account I will no longer be charged. I need a little knowledge.

Hello! If you’re referring to your Brave Premium account, can you please submit a ticket to us here and one of our support agents will be happy to assist you.