Random charge to bank

My debit card was charged from a [brave.com] account for $3 this month and the prior month (January 2023) and I have no idea what it is.

I’m looking for help to clarify what the charge is and if it’s something I’ve subscribed to, and how to manage the subscription. Because under the main email I use for everything, it says I have no premium subscriptions with Brave to cancel

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The best is to contact Brave support. you can use the form below.

Did you ever provide your CC number to Brave? For what? Did you subscribe or activate any Brave service like VPN or Talk?

No to all of your questions. I’m completely puzzled and I hadn’t noticed the January charge but then I saw Februarys and I was so confused I’ve never heard of Brave before it popped up on my bank statement.

I ran thru email history on all my emails and I have no ties to the premium account

And yeah I’ve sent two messages thru that form and I’m just awaiting a response but until then I’m just going to call my bank and I guess put in a stop payment order for future brave transactions and just eat the $6

Hi @Jayzonday - thanks for writing in. Will send a DM to confirm your email so that I can look into this issue. I assure you we’ll get it sorted.

Hi @steeven - same here? I might have signed up for the ‘Premium Search’ months ago, but when I log in to the brave settings to check on which plans I’m subscribed to, under “Your plan subscriptions” it reads “You don’t have any active plans.” Yet I have a $3 charge from Brave yesterday and one month prior (3/14). How can I manage the subscription?

I think it may be google pay you have to use to cancel or whatever service you used to sign up.