🏏 Can Someone Explain the Logic Behind the IPL MatchMaking in India ? For Me, It feels like an unfair design

I Know this is off topic But i Really Wanted to ask someone about this issue…

For WPL, There have been only 5 Cricketing Teams, and 3 Teams have been allowed to be Qualified for Play-offs where the team Ranked at 1st at the End of League Matches is directly Placed(Given Powers to directly Play) in the Final Match and the Teams Which are Placed at 2nd and 3rd Position at the End of the League Matches Plays an Eliminator Match and the Winner of this Eliminator Match Plays at the Final with the Team which Finished up 1st at the End of League Matches.

If We Give Each Team 10%, Play-offs Reachable Teams are at 30% and the Eliminations of Teams is only at 20% Before Play-offs Matches Gets Started [30% , 20%, Logic is Fair]

For IPL, There are Almost 10 Cricketing Teams and it seems like Only 4 teams which finishes up at Top 4 at the End of League Matches are allowed to Play at Play-offs Where Teams which Finishes up 1 & 3 plays an Eliminator and also 2 & 4 Plays another Eliminator and the Winner of Both Eliminators Seems to be Playing at Final…

If We Compare this kind of IPL design with WPL, This is unfair as the Ratio of Earning Chances for Teams Reaching Play-offs at IPL(after at the End of League Matches) are only at 40% and the Teams which are Eliminated is at 60%(40%,60%)… This Seems to be Completely Contrary to WPL as it had chances Ranging at (30%, 20%)

WPL → 30% of the Teams Still have chances to Win the Tournament and only 20% of the Teams are Eliminated before the Play-offs Gets Started.
IPL → ONLY 40% of the Teams Earns Chance to Win the Tournaments and the Rest 60% of the Teams are Eliminated before the Play-offs Gets Started.

The 40%,60% designs is Clearly Unfair, Right ? Was it Intentional Where they did it on Purpose or they didn’t know how to Get it Right ? Because the Right design Should be the Team which Finishes at 1st at the End of League Matches Should be allowed to Play directly in the Finals(allowing them to Escape the Semi Eliminator and Eliminator Matches) and the Teams which Places at 2nd and 3rd will Play an Semi Eliminator Match and Teams which Places at 4 and 5 Will Play ANOTHER Semi Eliminator Match and the Winners of Both Semi Eliminators Matches will Play an Eliminator Match and the Winner of the Eliminator Match Plays at Final with the Team who Finished up 1st at the End of League Matches.

As you can see, the Chances are Now at 50%,50%… It can also be Improved by Making it 60%,40% if wanted by Making it Harder for the Teams Who finishes at 1st and 2nd Place by Making them Play an Eliminator(Eliminator A WITHOUT Semi Eliminator) and allow them to Earn their Final Spot and the Teams Which Finishes up at 3,4,5,6 Plays an Semi Eliminator and Eliminator(Eliminator B where the 4 Teams which Gets Placed at Positions 3,4,5 and 6 Must also Play Semi Eliminators(before they play an Eliminator))…

50%,50% design is Still Fine, 60%,40% is Awesome But the Current 40% Winning Chance, 60% Elimination is Unfair and No Logic at all…

What do You think ? I think Fixing the Current design will Give 1 More Extra Chance for all Teams as 1 More Team will Earn Chance, Few More Extra days of Excitement as it is Guaranteed that if the People behind these Tournaments Put Meaningful Efforts to bring Changes we can see Extra Matches… These Seasons are conducted only Yearly once and its not like they play T10 and T20 for Every 6 months once, Only T20 is Now available, Hopefully the Play-offs MatchMaking Trend Changes in the Future.

It took me Some time to Write this and definitely needed an Answer, So used AI by Copy and Pasting Everything above and Sending it to AI and am Happy Now as it agrees with ME…

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