Browsers are Disconnected from Uphold Account

Hi, all three browsers of mine got into this issue today. Should I reconnect or just leave it like that.

I have this problem.
I alreafy connect my browser to my uphold account last month though. I reconnect and it looks fine. Do I have to do this every 30 days? Or this is just an issue. Can I leave it like that or reconnect?

Yes. It’ll be automatically disconnected after some period time @Milktea.

You can leave it disconnected. But if it’s disconnected, your BAT will be deposited to your brave:rewards wallet and not directly to your Uphold account.

Oh okay! Thank you very much. Then I will reconnect now!

Hello @eljuno, I like your answer every time. I was discontinue 20 days because my Laptop was repairing condition. Now my laptop is good. Now I am using my Brave then wallet is showing disconnected. More time I try to connect my wallet to verified uphold account. It was connected but after 10 or 15 minutes again disconnected. I am using same uphold account in my android and laptop. Please reply.

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