Brave Toolbars too small in HD Monitors and non-customizable

I just installed Brave for the first time and deleted Chrome browser to take it place.

I have a 4k Monitor so I have to permanently ZOOM all browsers to around 300% to get normal 1920x1080 look.

In Brave I am able to Zoom the browser without any issues permanently like Firefox and Chrome. But the Toolbars are still extemely small. In Firefox I was able to enlarge the Toolbars in About:config settings.

But Brave doesn’t have something like that. So I basically need a magnifying glass to read the Toolbars and Toolbar’s Menus.

Firefox Toolbar:

Brave Toolbar:

In Firefox you can customize the Toolbar by adding or deleting features from the Broswer. Brave you can’t customize the Toolbar.

Firefox customized Toolbar:

Brave Non-Customized Toolbar:

If these suggestions have been made in the past I am sorry to be repeating them again.

they should just add a GUI scaling option like Vivaldi has