Will Brave support the new Chrome tab groups feature?

Just saw that Chrome is introducing tab groups. Wondering if Brave will have this at some point?


You can easily enable it by going to brave://flags/#tab-groups


So, for this feature, a “group” is simply opened tabs outlined in a certain color, and then a new tab that represents the group?

I was imagining that the tabs that you add to the group disappear and don’t reappear until you click the tab representing the group.


Same here. That’s the behaviour in Chrome. Otherwise, I’m not entirely sure what’s the point of tab groups.

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For that functionality, you can additionally enable brave://flags/#tab-groups-collapse

Adding tab to a collapsed group will expand all tabs in that group though - you’ll have to click the group to collapse them again.

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I enabled tab groups collapse but it doesn’t seem to be working at all (I’m on a Mac). In Chrome, clicking the tab group name collapses and expands the group, but in Brave it’s opening the edit option for the group.

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Same issue here, Is there an estimated deadline on this one?
Edit: Navigate to this URL: brave://flags/#tab-groups-collapse and set Tab Groups Collapse to Enabled.

Time flys, and I guess answers change.
brave://flags/#tab-groups does not exist
brave://flags/#tab-groups-collapse does exist

Is it enabled somewhere else?