Brave September rewards not recieved

My September reward was about 2.600 BAT, which i didn’t receive in my brave balance. There was no option to claim the reward and after 10th of September it was showing that congrats i received my rewards but i hadn’t got any. Please look into the matter.

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Several users are suffering from the same issue.
So far I have not seen any statement from Brave about a solution.

Did you open a support ticket? If not, I advise you to do it using the link below

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As @rodrige mentioned you can always raise a ticket. Also I’ll suggest you that wait till next month’s payout, you’ll most likely get the September payout amount and rewards earned this month.

i did a thread and also send a ticket five days ago, they didn’t answer neither.

It takes time with anything with Brave. They already have a lot of tickets cause of the same issue

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