Brave rewards to my uphold

@Donkja OK, what you wanna ask? :slightly_smiling_face:

Whenever I open a new tab on brave it lags and gets stuck with white screen for almost 3 sec

Can you help me?

Sorry Donkja, I can’t. No idea why that would be happening.

I will tell you that I changed location many times in windows can it happen due to that?

Really, absolutely no idea. Hopefully, someone else will be able to help.

Donkja, found this when I used a search of topics using “white screen new tab” text. I think it doesn’t just apply to dark mode or at least it seems that way when you look at the filed issue.

@Choco That’s a typo, should be December. @Sasi You can expect your payout next month in Feb.

@Donkja If you turn off hardware acceleration on brave://settings/system, does it still happen. You should test this in a new profile, just to check if any extension is causing the issue.

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OMG a typo?! lol too funny. They should really fix that: very confusing for us newbies who haven’t received any BAT rewards yet. :grin:

Yes :grin: thnx for the responses guys. Have a nice day.

How to please can you tell step by step?

@Sasi You should mark @Aman_M’s post for solved! :wink:

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First, just turn Hardware Acceleration off and see if it improves. Second, Create a new Profile (from Hamburger/Options Menu), you can name it, say, “Test Profile” to identify and delete it later, if you want. If the problem doesn’t happen in the new profile then probably an extension is causing the issue.

Where is option menu located?

I tried a new profile and it works like normal so what should I do now?

Hi @Sasi you can expect your payout in the next payout cycle in February.

Payouts process begin at the start of each month.

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Try disabling your extentions one-by-one on brave://extensions/ in your original profile and see which one is causing the issue.

I had only metamask and deleted it but still continously?

Can I use two profiles at same time?

Yes you can use both profiles. Did turning off Hardware Acceleration also not work? Make sure you relaunch the browser.

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Yeah bro I did and I wanna ask can I connect both my profiles to single gemini account and tranfer rewards from both?

It didn’t change anything same problem but thank you so much

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