Brave Rewards not received, uphold account suspended

Hi, I was receiving my brave rewards every month perfectly, without issue. Then, my Uphold account got closed and I no longer have access to it. Since then, about 2 months ago, my rewards are in limbo. I’ve contacted Uphold and asked for any pending deposits and they said no. I have no balance either. Just wanted to know where my rewards have gone. Thanks.

Into the void never to be seen. You get earnings only when linked to a valid custodial account and payments only go to that account. If your account is closed, it’s no longer valid. This means you can’t earn and have no ways to receive any payments.

As to any payments that might have been sent to Uphold, that’s between you and them.

Have the same issue. Just discovered that uphold isn’t recognised in my country. Therefore as it’s solved here, whatever I’ve is last pending the reconnect with my country (if it is possible).

Or am I getting it wrong?

@Cryptoprenuer1 I’m not sure I fully understand your situation and it might be better for you to try to create your own topic with details so you can be better assisted. That said, I’ll try to give a brief answer:

Thanks for your reply. Just want clarify some few things.

Would apologise for not being straightforward at first. Just needed a sketch of what my situation is and its very vivid with the explanation you offered.

Firstly I had an Uphold account and things went smoothly. Was earning my rewards until it abruptly stopped. Thought it was a hitch at first but having run through the list of countries Uphold uses, Nigeria my country, isn’t there.
Therefore the plan to use an on chain payment would be my last resort or any solution in the waiting to use the Rewards.

Thanks again