Brave rewards, no me han acreditado, sigo esperando mis bat en mi cuenta bat

no me han acreditado mis bat a la uphold, y llevaba un 1,46$, que al final, solo me mostraron que supuestamente se acredito 0.96$??? y entonces que paso?
he revisado la uphold varias veces y no veo nada transferido, estare pendiente de sus repuestas, gracias

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que digo… en mi cuenta uphold…

Hi, @danielpiano20, there is a known issue with BAT not porting to Uphold. Support has a topic on this that you should follow for any updates.

You can try the Fix and see if it works for you - it has worked for some users.

  1. Make sure you have the latest browser v1.22.71
  2. Disconnect and reconnect your Uphold wallet.
    BAT should then drain directly from your browser wallet to your Uphold wallet.
    But remember, please, this has not worked for everyone. Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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