Brave reward is not deposited yet

Brave rewards not credited in my zebpay Account

Version 1.64.109 Chromium: 123.0.6312.58 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Yes India

Create a support ticket here

Created two days ago still no reply

Sometimes it takes longer for them to respond.

Takes some time. I mean, it is currently Sunday. People don’t tend to work on weekends or American holidays. But on top of that, only a handful of people work in Support and handle tickets, all of which are resolving the issues for millions of users. So patience is a very important. They generally try to get through to people within about a week or two.

so this means my account is permanently Banned?

Generally, yes. If you want to provide the ticket number that they were responding to, sometimes Support can take a second look. But overall once decisions get made and they say account won’t be reinstated, it’s upheld and final.

is there any solution for this to unflag my account. i am not using VPN services to make more points. just using two devices one is smart phone & Second is pc. Is that the reason for account Flagged?

The Ticket Number is 254223

Only for what I said, and that’s if they take another look and change their mind. But otherwise, nothing you can do.

This is thing many try to argue, but they look at much more than that. Plus using VPN in itself isn’t enough to get you flagged. You can see where I spoke to someone else about all of this not long ago at No rewards payements on wallet since 1 year so you can read through their topic if you like.

Brave doesn’t ever tell us what specifically resulted in anyone being flagged. It is their policy not to reveal. All they say is they look overall to see things that shows a person isn’t just casually using the device and is abusing Rewards. Unfortunately, because they don’t reveal, nobody knows more than that.

Then i consider to Stop using Rewards Or reinstall the brave for get the solution of this issue.

or i try to create another ticket & tell them that it was a mistake by your automated system and recheck the issue & unflagged my account

Negative. The responses aren’t automated system. The response you got came from a person. And creating multiple tickets to it will get things ignored. If someone would have looked into it, creating multiple tickets to contest the response will have the opposite effect that you want. It just shows becoming an annoyance and hoping to hit the “lottery” of getting someone else to change their mind.

ok thank you i try to communicate within the mail itself.

Well, that’s the opposite of what I said. Originally just asked you for your ticket number. If replied and waited, might have had better luck.

But can tell you now based on out interaction that I would say chances are you’ll remained flagged. You’re too argumentative and impatient, not to mention if I’m seeing your one reply properly in that you would think reinstalling Brave as an attempt at a solution, then it also means you have provided evidence you’d be willing to attempt to circumvent restrictions. Doing such a thing is a violation of Terms. In other words, it appears like you are admitting you don’t care about the rules.

Reinstalling doesn’t circumvent flag either, btw. Flagged accounts are done on all devices connected to custodial accounts. So if was using ZebPay, anything you link to that ZebPay account won’t receive payments

This is the Ticket Number :254223