Brave Promo referral link 404



Got the email about the new Brave promotion for publishers to earn BAT via referral links. Signed up, received the confirmation email with my custom referral link. However, my link simply takes me to a 404 page. I’ve seen other folks posting links which appear to work, so I guess something is simply screwed up in mine.

Here’s the referral link:

I’d love to participate in this, so some timely help to fix this would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


Hi @NT7S

Thanks for reporting this issue! We’re looking into this and I’ll get back to you with information as soon as I have some.



Hi @NT7S

There was an error with your link, could you check your email? You should have received an email with instructions on how to obtain your updated referral link. Note - if you already shared the original link you should update your post(s) to reflect your new link. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Let me know if you did not receive this message, thanks!



OK, got the email and the new referral link. That one seems to work, thank you for fixing that for me.



Great, thanks for confirming Jason!


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