404 Error BRAVE referral link

my Brave referral link is not working i keep getting a 404 message. https://brave.com/ain428

can someone please help why this is 404 error message?


cc @Asad for help on this

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thanks i cc-ed him. hope he can help.

Hi @ainneo,

Please PM me the email address you use for Brave Rewards and I will take a look.

Hey I emailed you email address… Also this seems like common issue, what is the problem causing this for a lot of people? Just wondering. Thanks!

I actually deleted my account and restarted anew one, hope this works this time… there just something wrong and broken witht he link and account… So many problems on BRAVE.

We’ve identified a bug with the referral promo and are hoping to have a fix for it today or tomorrow.

I’ll let you know once I know more! So sorry you’re having these problems.

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