Brave playlist not auto playing next video

Brace Playlist not playing next video

Just play a video in brave playlist and wait to the end then it won’t play the next song not In big mode not in Locked mode (when I am listening in background) or in MiniPlayer mode.

It automatically plays the next video


iPhone SE 2022 128gb iOS 15.5

I think it broke after I installed the new update but I can’t remember exactly.


Hello @Enderlais

Thank you for reaching us and I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. Could you please update to the latest Brave version 1.48.171 to see if the issue persist?

Be waiting for your response!

I’m sorry to say I’m an idiot I
Only checked in the search results and not the page Of the App in the App Store

I now updated and the issue is persisting I don’t know what’s not working or if something isn’t working or if I changed some setting accidentally.
Even though I checked the settings already…
If you have Anny ideas in what could be wrong please tell me

Hello @Enderlais

Thanks for your reply we appreciate the details. Could you kindly use guest mode to see if the issue persist? Additionally and if you continue with the issue, please try to install the Beta or Nightly version of Brave to see if the issue is solved?

Let me know if that changes anything.

Hello @Alice2095

These versions aren’t available on iOS so I can’t download and the new update that came out in the mean while wasn’t fixing it

I’ve noticed that not only the videos will not play one after another but all of the functions like loop and loop ones don’t work either

I am having the same issue (Brave playlist not auto playing next video) with version 1.48.1, which is the latest available version on my 2022 iPhone SE. Are any solutions available? I used to use this to listen to music on the way to work, but now I just am listening to loops of longer songs. :neutral_face:

@Alice2095 I did clear the cache and log off of all websites as stated in the below forum and still experience the glitch.

However, I do not have an issue with looping just one video.

Hello All,

I am also facing the same issue…
I am currently using 1.49.1 version of Brave in iOS 16.4.1…
The Youtube videos which I had saved in playlist are not autoplaying next video…Instead I have to click on Play button to play the next video…

I like the Playlist feature and if this problem / feature is resolved or implemented, the Playlist feature would be still more friendly to users…

With Regards,


Apologies for tagging you here…Can you support for this topic ?

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